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Throughout American legal history, the legal profession and society, at large, have considered it a lawyer’s obligation to provide legal services to those who have worthy causes but who are unable to pay to have their cause heard. Vitt & Associates, PLC (“V&A”), expects each of its attorneys to meet that obligation.

Vitt and Associates treats pro bono work like paying work in all relevant aspects, from beginning to end. Once a pro bono matter has been approved, the rights and obligations of attorney and client are the same as for paying work. Attorney work product must meet the firm’s high professional standards, including the energy, enthusiasm, and creativity with which the work is tackled, the quality of the product, and the timeliness with which the product is produced.

Vitt and Associates believes that taking pro bono work is simply a personal, non-delegable obligation of citizenship in the legal profession. Pro Bono work provides the firm’s lawyers with perhaps the best opportunity to validate each day among ourselves that we practice our profession as an act of good citizenship as well as to make a living.

Vitt and Associates lawyers have handled a wide variety of pro bono matters, including children’s rights, death penalty, employment discrimination, unaccompanied minors in immigration cases, and domestic matters. They have also met their public service obligations by serving on school and town boards, and the boards of directors of local charities.