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Vitt & Associates is a law firm representing individuals and institutional clients in complex civil litigation matters in Vermont and New Hampshire. The firm has considerable experience handling a wide variety of cases including theft of trade secrets, violation of non-competition agreements, employment, whistleblower claims, False Claims Act, unfair trade practices, general contract and commercial litigation. Geoffrey Vitt has established himself as lawyer to whom clients turn with their most important litigation problems.

The lawyers in the firm share certain core values:
• service to our clients and high quality work on their behalf;
• a collegial practice and respect for differing views;
• commitment to our community; and
• support for the courts.

The lawyers at Vitt & Associates do not consider the practice of law a job, but rather a calling to serve the best interests of their clients, their profession, and their community. Vitt & Associates is committed to the practice of law at the highest ethical standards of practice.

The firm’s lawyers believe in our obligation to serve public interests and to provide pro bono representation to clients who are unable to afford legal representation. The firm devotes a substantial amount of time and resources to handling pro bono matters. Geoffrey Vitt has held leadership positions in the American Bar Association in the areas of children’s rights and death penalty representation. The lawyers in the firm also serve on the boards of local charities and public bodies such as school boards.